Our Social Commitment

Even if your city or town is the best in the entire world, nothing rivals the unique experiences you get from travelling. Travelling to a new destination is often very essential in getting you to open your eyes to the existence of the world outside your city, especially when you use the services of Global Adventures LLC.


By hiring the services of Global Adventures you have a fun experience like no other! and by acquiring our products, you not only secure yourself an amazing hostel or great tour services, but also give yourself the chance to be of help to people in the US and across the globe.


By purchasing these products, you will be changing the lives of families and kids for the better!


Global Adventures LLC has a great sense of social commitment. We works to ensure that the world is a better place to be. This is the reason as to why the company offers support to certain organizations. 10% of the profits that are earned by the company will be donated to non-profit organization like International Rescue Committee and more.


Do you want to help?

There are three ways how you can help!


1- You can go to their web page and make a personal donation.

2- You can help by spreading the word about this non-profit on your social media webpage.

3- If you are planning a vacation or even a weekend fun with your family or friends you can book your tours, activities or a event ticket and we will make a 10% donation when you book with


Please spread word in the social media platform of your choice. And help us make the world a better place for those in need.